Built by Love Phase II

Built by Love Phase II

Built By Love Phase 2


Our Built By Love Phase 2 project is well on its way to being fully funded by the generous pledges of our parishioners.  So far we have received pledges totaling $76,810.  The elevator installation, bathroom renovation, and Parish Hall upgrades will cost $80,800.  Because pledges are so close to this amount, Vestry has voted to go ahead with the project and give a deposit to Mobility Elevator & Lift Company to lock in their 2014 quote for the Orion commercial LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) elevator.  We are pleased that MMC will also honor their original Built By Love quotes for the construction work.


Mobility will start the lengthy permit process towards the end of 2017, with the construction to be started in June 2018.  The plan is to have it completed that summer.  We had already constructed the pit and sump pump for the elevator during the original renovations so that we would not have to undo any of the Phase 1 work during the elevator installation. 


You will see work being done this spring as the bell tower repairs and air conditioner installation from Phase 1 will be completed.  The chart below shows the scope of the Phase 2 work that Vestry has authorized.  It also shows the other parts of the project that we hope to complete if funds become available.


We thank all of our BBL pledgers.  Your dedication to St. John’s is inspiring.  Pledges are already being fulfilled, which gave Vestry the confidence to make definite plans.    


We welcome new pledges and hope to receive enough pledges so that we can complete the entire project without the need to borrow any funds.  Every dollar we save by not spending on unnecessary interest goes directly into the programs we promote.


Built By Love Phase 2 Projects Authorized by Vestry


Elevator work includes:

·         Demise men’s room and closet           $1,500             MMC Construction

·         Install elevator shaft                           $10,000           MMC Construction

·         Install LULA elevator                          $45,800           Mobility Elevator Co.

·         Build new unisex bathroom                $6,000             MMC Construction

Parish Hall:                                                   $12,500           MMC Construction

·         Electrical system update

·         Coffered ceiling

·         Painting walls and ceiling

Hallway from Church to Parish Hall

·         New carpet                                          $3,000             MMC Construction

·         Replace electrical panel                       $2,000             MMC Construction


Total for above projects:                                 $80,800

Total pledges:                                                  $76,810

Pledge funds received to date:                       $15, 841


Other Phase 2 Projects When Funds Permit


New carpet in Meriney Room, Child Care Room, and Children’s Chapel    $3,500

Parish Hall hardwood floors                                                                           $15,000

Sacristy improvements                                                                                    $4,000

Painting the church chancel                                                                            $5,000

Cleaning organ pipes                                                                                       $3,000

New classroom and conference room desks and chairs                                  $5,000


Total for all Phase 2 projects:                                                                          $116,300