Becoming a Member

We will never push or pressure you to join the church. However if you decide you wish to become a member there are a couple ways to do it.

If you are a member of another Episcopal Church, a sister church in the Anglican Communion , the Evangelical Lutheran Church, or another church  in full communion with the Episcopal Church, please use the contact form on the home page or call the church office to request a Letter of Transfer. Call the church office if you unsure. We are happy to answer your questions.

If you a member of another Christian church, please provide us with the name and address of the church of your baptism (and confirmation, if applicable). We will be happy to contact the church for your baptismal information and add you to our Register of Baptized Persons.

If you already have the information, a copy of your certificates is all we need.


A question often asked has to do with what we (St. John’s/the Episcopal Church) expect of our members.  Or asked in another way, what does it mean to belong here?   What distinguishes active members of St. John’s from inactive members?  Why should someone become part of this particular faith community?  How are we different than a civic club?   How do we differ from other churches?   What do you think?  The Episcopal Teacher Magazine, a publication of Virginia Theological Seminary, suggested the following:

1.  They will worship God in His Church every Sunday ... unless prevented by serious illness or other grave cause.

2.  They will observe principal feasts and fasts of the church calendar.

3.  They will say their prayers daily and grace at meals

4.  They will take active part in the ministry and mission of their local parish and give generously to the work of the church through their parish

5.  They will have their children baptized and instruct them in the teaching of the Church, exposing them to the Christian life in the family and in the parish

6.  They will see their marriage as a sacrament of Christ's love and they will work for its health--seeking counsel from a priest when the marital union is imperiled

7.  They will own and use a copy of the Book of Common Prayer.

8.  They will request a Letter of Transfer when they move to another parish, i.e. they will register to serve where they live.

9.  They will make wills providing for their final good stewardship for family, church and charitable concerns

10. They will fulfill their baptismal promises - to continue in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to persevere in resisting evil, to proclaim Christ by word and example, to seek and serve Christ in all persons, and to strive for justice and peace among all people.