Kenneth Bledsoe

Senior Warden

I grew up attending St. John's church beginning in 1973 and was confirmed here by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I was a St. John’s acolyte and proudly served as the acolyte for Bishop Spong's ordination. Later I also served as St. John’s sexton for a time.

Years later, I completed a term as a Vestry member and as a member of the Property Committee. As a family we participate in many outreach activities and fellowship events.

We made the decision to travel to St. John’s from our home in Boonton because of the passion of our congregation: the joy we share when we are together in celebration or working together for a cause. We have so many wonderful, talented, and committed people at St. John's

The Bledsoe family has been involved at St. John's since 1973. My mom Emmy has always found a way to contribute to St. John’s, most recently as Membership Chair. She brought Project Literacy of Greater Bergen County to our outreach committee and has served on Vestry. With his background in human resources, my dad contributed at the diocesan level with Bishops Spong, Croneberger and Beckwith before passing away three years ago.

 My wife, Kelly Jo, is currently a greeter and a crafter, and Emma (6) and William (3) are active in Sunday school and vocal members of the Cherub Choir. I am manager of fine art printing at Duggal Visual Solutions, the largest full service photo and graphics lab in the US. (All the professional banners that “shout out” St. John’s events are donated by Ken’s company.)