A question that is always asked:  Can I get married at St. John's?  The short answer is yes as long as one person is baptized.  The church is a wonderful place for a wedding, but it is even a better place for a marriage!

Because St. John's has been blessed with a beautiful physical church building, we receive calls about the availability of the church building to "hold a wedding." However, the people of St. John's believe that marriage is a Sacrament which must be entered into, and lived out, within a community of faith.

Therefore, while questions about the availability of the church building are important, they are rightly asked only after other questions have been asked and answered. For example:

  • Why Christian marriage?
  • Why this particular community of faith?
  • Why get married at this point in my life?
  • What is my commitment to God and the church?
In other words, we do not simply "rent" the church as a wedding location. Persons  who have no intention of living out their marriage in the context of a faith community are more appropriately married by a civil authority.

At the same time, St. John's heartily welcomes couples who are sincerely searching for a church home. The best way to determine if St. John's is the faith community in which a couple wishes to live out their vows is for the couple themselves to worship with us a few Sundays and then contact Rev. Bill Cruse at (201) 327-0703. He can explain the details of pre-marriage counseling requirements, details regarding the ceremony and other policies and guidelines of St. John's.